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Exporting wine to USA

Exporting wine to USA Exporting wine to USA blog full img 1 Exporting wine to USA blog full img 1
Exporting wine to USA

Have you discovered a rare gem on a trip to the Loire Valley or you have a family in Tuscany that has produced for generations the finest Chianti? The appreciation for wine, especially for some European types, has grown exponentially in the last decade and the trend will continue for many years. However, exporting alcoholic beverages require expertise in the field, the wine import&export business is heavily regulated by federal government and each individual state.

Business model. Before even starting the process, you need to evaluate the size and scope of your export. Going national or regional, the resources available and the warehousing are all vital factor to consider before starting the process of getting licenses and registrations.

Wine portfolio. There isn’t a right or wrong way to source your products: you can try to import small gems from unknown vineyard regions or have a completely different approach and try to land a few big brands still not imported in United States. What matters is deciding on the early stages of the export business the direction and stick to it.

Regulations. Each wine needs to go trough the FDA registration before the first import. Export America will help you with the registration and the prior notice which needs to be provided before each wine shipment to  U.S.A. (even small samples). You also need an “Appointment letter” for your State and finally a Certificate of Label Approval, that include information like the alcohol content, the sulfite declaration , the class designation and other details.

Distribution.  This is where most wineries fall short, because they underestimate the complexity of container consolidation, government regulations, duties,  the inventory levels, the communication with dealers and much more. Export America is here to help in understanding the customs duties, creating a distribution chain and a sales network, the warehousing and advertising.

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