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Location in USA

Business Location in USA

W hether your company is a small start-up that needs to open up an office space in USA, or a large European corporation that wants to expand its presence in America, the commercial real estate market could offer traps and pitfalls that could endanger the company finance from the beginning. We work with you from the beginning to present all the variables and factors so you can make the best decision for the company’s growth. There are 3 main areas where we focus our effort to help you: the geographical location, the cost for purchase and maintenance of commercial real estate, and the relationship with the community and laws.

Geographic Positions

geoThere are dozens of different factors that can affect the choice of a certain city or district to decide where to establish the base of a business. What are the available properties around my area, in case I need to expand the warehouse? What are the market characteristics and demographic in the area? What are the logistics advantages-disadvantages of this location for ground, sea and air transportation costs? What is the crime rate? We will help you find the right answer to these and many other questions.

Community, Laws and Network

commEvery industrial district or commercial area may have advantages that only consultants who knows the territory can show you so you can take advantage of the opportunities in terms of economic incentives for the territory, special laws and license¬† requirements for a business, property taxes. Connecting with thelabor market of the area is also important: will you be able to attract the kinds of employees you’ll need? How close will you be to key distributors and suppliers?
We will also connect you with a network of the best professionals in the area that can work in synergy with your company.

Choice of building and property management

commercial_buildingFrom the moment of screening to the negotiations with the landlords, it is important to prepare every detail and not leave any question unanswered. Is the facility itself in good condition? Will repair work be necessary?  Does the facility have the right layout? If you need to expand, will you be able to? Will there be enough parking for your customers? Is public transportation nearby? It is easy in commercial real estate to pay more than what is offered and also the changes to the initial decisions or layout may become very expensive, so you need to make the right first step.

Set the first stone in the right place.

We evaluate all the options on the table for you, help you decide for the best and create a network of people that during the years will follow all your inquiries about the future development of the real estate property of the company.