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Life for expats in USA

On your side to start the expatriate life

life in usaSometimes life for expatriates is not easy, it takes time to acclimatize with a new culture, new life stile, food and laws. We can support your or your employees in moving in the USA by preparing the ground to have a comfortable start of their new life.

Health insurance: one of the major issues for Europeans living in United States is understanding how health insurances work. Choosing the best provider, the plan that fits the needs of the expatriate, learning concepts like co-payments, deductibles, out-of-pocket and so on can be challenging, so our consultant will guide you trough these choices.

Driver’s license and Social Security Number : using a European driver’s license is ok to drive, but since this document basically represents in the USA the official document that states your identity, your age and your residence in a certain state, it is important to have one so you can access to all the services that requires it; we can help to collect documentation and understand the test you are required to pass. We will also help you formalizing the request for another important document, the Social Security Number, your primary identifier as a worker and tax payer.

Tax preparation and double taxation treaty: Every person who work in United States for more than 183 days, regardless of his Visa status, is considered a resident for tax purposes, and needs to file a tax return for the Federal government and the State where he lives in. However most of the expatriates who keep legal residence in Europe still have an obligation to pay taxes in their country of origin. We will assist you in the process of preparing correctly the American tax return, but also in understanding the mechanism of the double treaties in order to avoid to pay taxes in two different Countries on the same income.