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Sales Network

Maximize your sales in USA

Building business relationships is a difficult task in a competitive environment, it is even more complex in a foreign country, where your company brand may not have a reputation yet and the business network does not exist. We evaluate with you people, markets and strategies: how to realize cross-country synergies, manage the customer portfolio, build sales channels so that the product development pipeline receives a constant flow of new ideas and information from the customers’ feedback.

Build the perfect sales network

sales networkThere are different ways to introduce a business in a new Country. The initial choice on how to align customers and channels has strong long term consequences, so we assist our clients in finding the appropriate segmentation of their customer base and the best choice for their sales team. Normally there are two main approaches to this: exporting trough intermediaries, or direct exporting. If you are searching for a way to simplify the introduction of your service or product in the market, but still keep more control over how your products are exported, then exporting through an intermediary may prove very effective. Intermediary companies are experts in connecting domestic firms with overseas buyers, and Export America will guide you in choosing the most reliable and trustworthy  business partner. We will constantly work to keep you involved in the process of exporting.  Creating an international sales network via direct exporting is a complex task, that’s why we create the network in different stages, starting with the employment of intermediaries and exponentially progressing to direct exporting as they develop fundamental knowledge and adapt their business. To maximize your chances of success, weset meticulously  a plan to build a foreign sales team that is appropriate to your goals, means and level of expertise.

Choose the right people 

sales teamThe recipe for success of a sales people is having a staff that knows the products and services, and can share with the potential customer this knowledge, with the primary goal to show the value of the offering. The creation of a winning sales force starts with the selection of  agents and key accounts managers with experience in your market, our business network can put you in contact with the best candidates in the field.  Then we boost the effectiveness of your sales organization building and transferring the necessary skills and knowledgefrom the core of your European business to the American sales team, by using innovative, hands-on programs that include performance metrics, capability building training, and a “theory and practice” approach for sales managers with on-the-job learning. Finally, we will create with you benchmark-based sales monitoring systems and targets, so you can effectively measure the sales team effort, not only with on simple sales results, but also on customers’ satisfaction and market penetration.