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Strategy and operations

Execute your plan

Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long term: which markets should the business compete in; what are the resources involved and what is the use of them; how can the business perform better than the competitors. Every existing company has already faced these questions, but entering in a foreign market means revisiting the strategies to win the challenges of the new environment.

Business strategy

business strategy
The goal of most strategies is to build an enduring  competitive advantage by establishing a market positioning (dominant or inside an attractive niche) or assembling the right capabilities and competencies for delivering an innovative offering (doing what the company already does well in its Country). Entering in a new market, the first instinct is to offer your product or service as it is: after all, if it has been successful in your country or in Europe, why it shouldn’t be in United States? This mentality does not consider the fact that most of the times the product itself and the design need to be modified to fit regulations, market strategies, the competition field, or simply the different customers taste.We work with you in 2 directions: internally, by reviewing your offer to get the best out of your product or service, and externally, by building an adaptive strategy to position, scale and organize the business based on the market needs.

Operational strategy

performanceHaving the best product and good perspective for the future development of the business are necessary conditions to deliver profits to a company, but then a business needs to optimize the day to day operations to create the maximum value. In order to achieve this goal, our consultants can help you step back from the daily routine to consider how the operations relates to the organization as a whole and to the wider external environment. We will focus on 5 goals to create a sustainable competitive advantage from your operations: Quality (with an error-free process), Speed (a quick time-to-market to beat your competitors), Dependability (in order to have reliable operations),Flexibility (the ability to change your process when necessary) and Cost (to achieve the highest total productivity).  Finally, we will set milestones and performance metrics, so you can have a constant feedback on the results.

Human resources

human resources

Basic economics tell us that productivity is measured in output per worker and output per hour. You don’t have to be an economics guru to know increased output from your workforce means happy, engaged players who drive revenue. We can help you increase the productivity of your workforce through increased engagement, retention, and overall health. The choice of the human capital in an overseas company greatly affect the odds for the success. Export America will help your company finding the most valuable and trusted people, we will guide you on policies, labor laws and everything that can create a great workplace culture.