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Cost and resources analysis

Optimizing  resources allocation in USA

I n the current marketplace, having a low-cost position is a key differentiation between leaders and followers. We help companies in a wide range of industries around the world to create a change in their cost position, improve the company’s cost experience curve, protect margins in spite of erosion of average selling prices, or increase their competitive advantage. Export America achieve this by introducing  step-change improvements in cost performance. We help you cut costs to grow stronger, ensuring resources are placed in capability areas that will differentiate their marketplace performance.

Procurement strategy

procurementPurchasing and global sourcing can account for more than half of overall costs in many industries. Especially when establishing a business in a different country, it is easy to miss opportunities or to make mistake in creating an efficient supplier network. Many companies evaluate suppliers primarily based on short-term price. In contrast, leading companies will pick long-term winners by assessing total cost of ownership instead of invoice price. We will work with your company to evaluate several additional factors in the selection process, such as R&D capabilities and ability to innovate, quality of management, service levels, industry position and willingness to collaborate across critical fronts.

Capital productivity

productivityInvesting in the start of a new company branch in another country or  expanding it often leads to wasted financial resources in the quest to increase the productivity. We work to  reduce your capital spending by increasing equipment life, maximizing the output of existing resources – both machine and employees – and incorporating new continuous improvement concepts as your output requirements grow. By maintaining always the focus on the value created by knowledge, skills and technology.

Costs Analysis

cost controlAmong the many ways that companies can differentiate themselves, such as by strategy, market position and technological leadership, more than 40 percent of industry leaders consider cost leadership to be their key competitive advantage. Sustained cost transformations are difficult, and too many such efforts fail to deliver their targets. Our approach is based on setting targets using market data, tailoring the cost cutting effort to the global strategy of the company and change the internal culture in order to make them sustainable, permanent and an opportunity for growth

Our Advantage

Our consultants can give you an objective point of view external from your organization so that you can spot inefficiencies and win internal resistances to the change

Key Factors and Actions


Links procurement initiatives to the company’s strategy and requirements and provides clear guidance on expectations and performance improvement targets


Covers all aspects of value creation, including long-term realization of savings, leading service levels, and efficient capital structure


Long term outlook

Ensure the sustainability of performance improvements