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Product Strategy

Deliver what the customer wants

Acompany that starts its operations in the United States may need to rethink the approach to create value of a product or service that is already available and successful. The product strategy determines the sequence in which products are developed and released. Before reaching the customers, it is important to review the design process in order to create a product line Plan that can minimize the risks when entering in the market. The Product Line Plan is a conditional plan with a time based schedule for the sequence of developing a new product or adapting an existing one. It is “conditional” because it may change in response to changes in market conditions, competitive factors or resource availability.
Idea management. The process of deciding which new products to develop and when to develop it them begins with ideas that need to be collected, filtered and organized to get the best inputs for the progression of the product line plan. A company new to a certain market may not know where to find these ideas, may gather the “wrong” signals from the customers, ignore the goods ones or simply it may not be able to process them in a timely manner so that they translate into a value before the competition does it. Export America can help you manage this flow of information and together with the technical side of it (is it feasible?) we can set the milestones of the Product Line Plan.

Product Line Plan

product strategy plan

In every industry today, product development product strategy pipeline gantt project portfolioprocesses and profitability are inextricably linked. We will build a framework that will not only deliver what the market wants at the right time, but also implement a constant review of the value that your company adds to the product. We will work on modularization and commonality, to make totally different products for clients with a maximum of shared elements; identify value levers with a design-to-value approach; establish a footprint that allows the enterprise to use numerical tools, structure project platform modes, globalize competence centers, redefine core and non core areas and partnership needs, re-shape suppliers relationship into new collaborative models to reduce cost along the full value chain.

Pipeline and capacity management

In the last two decades, many enterprises have successfully deployed ERP solutions to squeeze inefficiencies out of the manufacturing supply chain. ERP filled a serious need in the marketplace by providing companies with an enterprise-wide solution that spanned and linked all the key operational functions and departments. This linkage has enabled manufacturers to integrate their manufacturing and supply chain processes to reduce delays and increase efficiency. However, as its common characteristics suggest, ERP is less effective at managing design changes and is unsuited to enterprise activities that involve less tangible, but more strategically vital, assets, such as the intellectual capital typically found in product data. Our approach is to synchronize all the factors that affect the Product Plan, make it flexible and working as a platform and an engine to guide the entire product development process.

Market and change management

The end goal of our consulting work on the product strategy is to give your company the ability to grow by optimizing and constantly renewing its product offering. Our approach takes inspiration from successful start-ups and draws on Agile project methodologies and Lean Startup principles: work quickly, waste little, respond to change and release high quality products. We apply this thinking in to the more typical ways to management consulting, mixing the “change management” approach with our expertise on:

  • Portfolio management
  • Innovation boost
  • Expertise management
  • Design-to value
  • Speed up time-to-market
  • Reduce development risk
Synchronize all the factors that affect the Product Plan, make it flexible and work as platform and an engine to guide the entire product development process.