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Business plan

Business Plan: battles are won before they are fought.

business plan is a written statement that  describes your business and gives potential investors a detailed projection about its future.

A business plan also covers the financial aspects of starting or expanding your business — how much money you need and how you’ll pay it  back. We will start designing with you the outline of the business plan, including sections on explaining your business, growth strategy, environment and competition, target market and marketing, operations, finances, and an executive summary. Next step is to show your potential or effective market strength, describing your target market and your marketing efforts toward them: the size of your potential market base, the percentage of the market share you have, and how you reach these customers. Finally we will show how the market is growing; investors would rather work with a small company in a growing market than a large one in a stagnant market.

business plan Another important step is to give a good picture of the business environment. For example an analysis of your current and upcoming competitors, how you compare to them, how you work with or around one another, and the regulations that govern your business. Current or anticipated changes in your industry are important to highlight here.
We will also organize the description of your operations, including your product or service, how it is made or delivered, and how you manage your products and operations as efficiently as possible.
Finally, we need to outline your growth strategy. This section tells the investor what you are using the investment funds for, how your business will grow to capture new market opportunities, and how your business is changing to meet new market opportunities.

Our Advantage

Benefits of writing a business plan

Our knowledge of what is necessary to write and present a complete and detailed business plan


Help to get financing
Most investors require a written business plan before they will consider your proposal seriously. Even some landlords need a good business plan before they will lease you space.


Help to decide to proceed or stop
A business plan will teach you how money flows through your business, what the strengths and risks in your business concept are, and what your realistic chances of success are.


Improves your business concept Writing a plan allows you to see how changing parts of the plan increases profits or accomplishes other goals.


Improves your odds of success
Writing a business plan helps beat the odds. Most start-up companies don’t last very long, because they overlook important aspects of the business model that would have been evident in a business plan.


Helps you keep on track
Many business owners spend hours every day handling emergencies, simply because they haven’t learned how to plan ahead. A business plan helps you anticipate problems and solve them before they affect your chances of success.