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Accounting Services

Manage your business instead of managing your books

It is important you have a dedicated tax, accounting and business consultant to guide and assist you with your corporation or limited liability company on a daily basis; it even more important when you open a business in a foreign country, where laws and accounting procedures may be different from what your company is accustomed to.


Tax returns
We will alert you when ever is a due date to file tax return (Federal & State), prepare and file all necessary returns with the relevant authorities.


Find a full time accountant
We will handle the work to choose the right professionals for your business.


Financial statements preparation and analysis
Growing businesses may have the problem to lose the focus on where there are the risks and profitability centers of the company and what improvements can be done to reduce costs. We can offer the support of professionals who will analyze your current statements, reorganize them and eventually suggests how to address common issues.


General bookkeeping
If you  want to outsource your bookkeeping duties, just forward to us on a monthly basis your business documents (invoices, bills, bank statements, payroll). We will manage:

  • financial reports
  • balance sheets
  • invoicing
  • payroll services

Why having an accounting consultant is important

It’s time-consuming and complex. Farm out that work with the help of accounting services, and your time can be better spent elsewhere in your start-up business. We will continue supporting your Tax, Accounting and Business Consultation to assist you in keeping your US business in good standing

Our Advantage

We will facilitate the complex accounting and bookkeeping tasks with our direct services and the help of our network of accounting consultants

Core Factors

When choosing the best options for you we ponder several factors:


Service Needed
Businesses of different sizes may have different needs, and a service must be scaled to the real necessity of the company


Fees vary greatly. Some accountants will provide a specified list of services for a flat monthly fee, and may provide less costly help for bookkeeping and other tasks that don’t require CPA-level training.



We will try to match our goals and objectives with your general philosophy