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Customer Relationship Management

usa_crmIn a world constantly connected with Internet, the possibility to compare the quality of servicebetween companies is now much easier than before, and so customers have higher expectations and want a customized experience that matches their needs, not a one-size-fits-all support model. Having a system in place that is flexible enough to meet all these expectation is crucial to keep the customer base happy. When starting a business in another company it is easy to lose the focus on the targets, and instead create a “product only-oriented business”, thinking that the quality itself will sell the product and keep the customer satisfied, or a “production only – oriented business”, thinking that the efficiency of the operations can keep the cost low and the customer will never ask for more. Export America will help you work on quality and costs, but maintaining your focus on a “customer experience oriented business”, to constantly adapt to customer requirements and competitive conditions.

customer_serviceDesign a worldwide customer service excellence. The support that your company offers to the customer base is not a cost, but a great opportunity to gather feedback and introduce improvement in the service or product design.  The customer facing part of your business’ operations needs a structured Customer Relationship Management system that is capable to offer a quick response to the buyer, knows how to deal with the American market,  but that also allows to collect and analyze data to upgrade your product value. A customer driver growth strategy starts from existing clients, so we will guide you in implementing effective customer retention practices, such as loyalty programs, a rolling calendar of communications, the co-design of new products, analyses that shows the reliability of your product and service over a long period of time.

Organize the aftermarket service. The customer experience does not stop in the communication between buyer and seller, but there is also the organization of the warranty, the product return and repair, the spare parts sale.  We redefine and improve aftersales service businesses, organizing the delivery of parts and services through the entire lifecycle of a product. We focus our efforts on the key service delivery model, distributed service network operations, managing inventories and cost reduction. Based on our experience, many companies ignore the full extent of profit opportunities in the aftermarket service; Export America will identifies these opportunities and change your operations to maximize your return.