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Our Mission

Why Export America

Bringing your products to the American is a wonderful opportunity to grow your business, but your company  need an experienced partner to save time, money and to devote your resources in maximizing the profits.

Shared goals We treat every business as it were our own. Starting from the initial meetings, we immediately put ourself in your company’s shoes, move toward the same goals and objectives, which is the best way to work together for a long business relationship and obtain excellent results.

Real and tangible results We don’t spend a great deal of time in showing charts, creating presentations and selling ourselves: our work is intended to provide a clear benefit to the clients; we don’t provide standard consulting answers, we know that a custom solution is mandatory to achieve the optimal results and create a competitive advantage.

Trust and long term advantage: creating a new branch of business in United States requires a long constructive relation with our customers, and trust in our knowledge in the American market. We invest significant time and effort in developing and renewing this knowledge, so you can always rely on the best advice.