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Marketing strategy

Marketing  in USA

W ell-executed marketing programs lead to both revenue and profits gains. Export America will boost your chances of reaching your targets with a step-by-step strategy that starts by mapping the market share and profit position of the client’s brands relative to its competitors and  then we apply that information to manage brand portfolios, from the creation of the desired image and strengthening the brand to the tactical allocation of advertising resources.

Market maps and study

market mapsThe United States market has two characteristics that makes it an extraordinary opportunity for the business growth: a single spoken language and a single currency. But this does not mean that every State is the same: there are multiple factors that affects the decision to start distributing a product or service in a certain area or build a plant in a different State. We starts by mapping the market share and profit position of your business relative to the  competitors. We then help you apply that information to manage the product portfolio. Finally, we assist with  tools and techniques to help marketing executives determine what products and services will be most appealing and relevant to each customer subset.

Advertising and marketing channels

marketing channelsCompanies spend a significant amount of money on marketing—both directly (media, agencies, advertising production) and indirectly (trade incentives, promotions, and trade fixtures). We help our clients improve and optimize their marketing expenditures using leading-edge practices and tools focused on planning and steering smart marketing investments. Our guiding principle is the assessment of impact of these activities on the profit & loss statement of the company, to have a clear picture of the return on the marketing investment.

Digital marketing

digital marketingTraditional media still play a major role in the marketing success, but companies today can exploit many alternative forms of media. With a relative small investment your company can have an exceptional increase of the brand visibility. It is important to be guided in this effort by people who know how to communicate with new media in the United States. Check our web services in creating a visually compelling website and helping you to get its message to the key players of your customer base by the Search engine optimization and reviewing the options available for online advertising.

Our Advantage

Send your message to the customers and bring out the value of your brand.

Find the direction of the market is a constantly changing business environment can be overwhelming, especially when exporting a brand; Export America will point your company to the right direction and help you spread the word of your successful products in the United States.