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Life in the United States

The first steps to live the American Dream

A business in the United States is not only made of cold numbers, but there are personal relations and life changes for the expats who work abroad. We will help you learning this new world.

Work in the USA

visaThe US work visa system is one the most complex in the world, with many different options for people who want to work for an American company. We evaluate if you meet the requirements for a certain visa, and then offer our services to fill correctly the petition for the Visa interview in your country consulate. We offer also our advices on all the workplace related laws and labor rights.

Live in the USA

lifeLiving in foreign country means getting accustomed with new laws, documents and policies. It can be very time consuming to find all the information required to choose the right health insurance plan or open a simple bank account, because the status of non-resident alien can change the requirements and make it even more complicated. We help you in finding an apartment or buying a house