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SEO and advertising

SEO and Internet marketing

Just like creating a branch in another country requires knowledge of the market and the dynamics that regulate it, then also bringing your business in a world like Internet requires the ability to follow the latest trends and know what are the rules of the game to maximize your Website visibility in the United States.

Search Engine Optimization

search engine googleDomain authority, PageRank formula, backlinks, keywords, referral traffic: the science behind creating online popularity is complex and constantly evolving. New rules and updates are regularly made by search engines companies in order to show on top of search results relevant content and websites. We start our work by evaluating what your customer really need and search on Internet, and then we organize the design of the website to improve its usability and content and make it a future point of reference for the most searched keywords of your industry. We study the best domain name, tags and every other factor that can improve your rank. Then it is time to boost your popularity and so we work on Anchor text, link neighborhood, social sharing and, most important, good content: articles, blog posts and written material that can document how good your products and services are around the Internet.

Internet marketing

online marketingIf you are used to traditional marketing tactics, Internet can seem quite different. Whether your are starting a new business or wanting to improve your results, you want to know what drives the customer and how to devote your resources without wasting them in expensive campaigns: our experts valuable insight can give your company the directions to increase your leads and contacts. Most consumers depend on the Internet as the primary reference for what they need and your business’ presence online has never been more important. For a business, the challenge is making sure customers can easily find your enterprise online when they are ready to start a business relationship. We will develop for you high-impact strategies that capitalize on your business’ strengths and generate consistent results. Market research and website analytics coupled with our knowledge of SEO tactics, Pay per click campaigns and email marketing programs will generate the highest return on your investment.