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Sell online in the USA

Web design and marketing

Every company these days has already a presence on the Internet, but we can make the difference from being a simple showcase of your products, to a fundamental tool that can give you a decisive advantage over the competition.

Web design

webLike in every other aspect of our consulting services, we start by studying your real needs: your audience’s goals,  your brand, your offer, in order to create a powerful marketing tool that will strengthen your image in the American market, deliver your message, drive sales, and create a strong online impression. We develop your website; find the best way to host it; we create the e-commerce structure and every other interactive online services for your customers; finally we help you writing relevant content that will bring interest.

Online marketing

seo campaignBeing at the top of the search engines results is just the initial step to gain a good spot in a largest and most crowded marketplace in the world, Internet. Your potential American clients  must be aware of your brand and that you are accessible to offer a range of products. Attracting customers on Internet requires a good knowledge of the way American clients think and look on Internet for a service or product like the ones offered by your business. We translate this in optimized website code, targeted online advertising and the review of your American website traffic to analyze trends and customer needs.