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Human Resources Management

Take advantage of your investment in human capital

The selection of skilled and trusted people who are in charge to run the USA employees hire workforceAmerican branch of a company is one of the most complex part of establishing a business in the United States. Labor laws, what are the preferred channels and job marketplaces to find skilled workers, the company policies, working visa for expatriates, taxes and workers compensations, these are just a few factors present to consider to hire employees that fit the corporate culture. The job market is full of talented people, but the selection and management of human capital requires Export America experience to reduce the risk of wasting time and resources in the search.
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Hiring process

Whether your company is trying to build a sales team, an overseas engineering department or looking for trustworthy workers for a manufacturing plant, preparing an effective job ad or going through dozens of resumes, overlooking a detail here can lead to mistakes in the selection process, that can have a huge impact on the company growth. Export America will take care of all the time consuming parts of the process and advise you on the candidate selection. In particular, our consultants will help on:

  • Look in the right job marketplace
  • Write the job posting to attract the most talented workers in the area
  • Make a pre-selection of candidates from the resumes
  • Conduct the job interview
  • Advise your company on salary, compensation, benefits and labor laws

Workplace culture

A newly established foreign company may have hard times initially to understandemployee performance USA the implicit rules and relations between workers and employers. Workplace culture is not just the personality of the workplace, but also (at its deepest core) is about the people who work in a company, from the CEO to the employees and how they collectively experience their colleagues and the place in which they all work. Export America will fill the communication gap between your headquarters and the American branch, by transmitting to the American employees the mission and vision of the company, and on the other side by creating a workplace that incentives the performance improvement and attract, retain, and develop diverse talents.
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Employee performances

Fixing good metrics for the performance of a foreign company is essential to monitor the work there without the necessity of constant audits. There are several types of metrics and Export America will help you choose and set them: productivity metrics for the efficiency of the production process; training metrics to verify the degree of expertise reached by the employees with the training; goals setting, to have the staff always focused on the results. We will review the incentives and create a career path for the most skilled workers to keep them motivated and decrease the job turnover.