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Sell in the USA

The right channels, the market research, the presence online and in the real world: nothing is left to chance.

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Create a new business in the USA

Bring your idea from the design desk to the market. Write the business plan, find the best place to start, open your business

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Optimize your business

Organizing the production efficiently, finding the most talented people to run your business, identifying the cost centers and minimize wasted time and resources: Export America helps you improving your company

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Go Online

Having a company website is easy, building the perfect one for the American market and reaching the real needs of your customer requires experience and a deep knowledge of the business. Export America is the link between your product and the online success

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Invest in the USA

Don't miss the investment opportunities that the American market offers you: real estate and much more

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Life in the USA

Work, study, invest in the USA, express your full potential

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The best ideas need help and exposure to become a business. Export America: on your side to maximize your chances of success in the USA

Open a business in USA
Business form, legal support, logistics, business strategy
open the American branch

Making the right decisions at the beginning of a new business is what determines its failure or success in the long term. Export America helps you structure the organization from the beginning, from the proprietorship form to the best strategies for a continuous growth

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Export and sell in USA
Sales network, marketing, e-commerce
marketing a product in United States

Export America helps you creating the first connections with buyers, distributors and retailers, a customized and focused marketing campaign, building a great sales team, managing the import-export, improving your online presence

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Live in the USA
working visa, driver's licence, health insurance, study, investments
live the american dream

If your company want to have a resident worker in USA or you are an individual ready for the challenge of a new world, but don't know all the rules to work as a legal immigrant in the United States, we are here to put the foundation of your career

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